Audun Davik Knows Hawaii In and Out (Book Excerpt)

Audun Davik in Hawaii

Audun Davik from Bremanger could easily be the official Norwegian Guide in Hawaii. It is truly amazing how much he knows about the islands and people, even though he has only been a permanent resident of Honolulu since 1989. It is mainly due to him that this book has become a reality.

When he was going to retire after a long career in the Far East, he considered three alternatives: Florida, California, and Hawaii. He chose the comfortable climate of Hawaii, or to be more precise, Waikiki.

Audun’s last name was Sigdestad when he emigrated from Norway to USA in 1957 and settled in the Norwegian area of Brooklyn. He had then finished his degree in engineering in Køping in Sweden.

Career in Offshore Oil

In 1972, Audun began working on an offshore oil platform for the American oil company, ARCO. The company also had operations in Indonesia, and Audun agreed to work for them there. The last years of his career he was the Maintenance Supervisor on offshore oil production platforms.

Audun did not know anyone in Hawaii when he moved there. But he has made many friends among not only Norwegians, but also many others through the years.

In earlier years Norwegians in Honolulu celebrated the 17th of May, but in later years this had been discontinued. In 2003 they took up the tradition again and gathered at the home of the Norwegian Consul in Hawaii, Nina Fasi.

“And we celebrate Olsok and Lucia and Christmas with Norwegian flags on the Christmas tree,” Davik tells us.

Generally speaking, Hawaii has been a forgotten chapter in the history of Norwegian emigration. Neither Audun Davik nor the other Norwegians there have ever heard of any official visit to Hawaii by a representative of Norway’s government or parliament.

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  1. Candace Conradt | August 29, 2018 at 6:25 pm | Reply

    Hello – my name is Candace and I was given a copy of Audun’s book by a family member’s relative who passed – I just wrote the Maui Museum and then I googled his name again and found this website. I would like to donate this book to the best place in Hawaii if needed. Thank you – Candace 🙂

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