Press Reviews

“Obligatory reading”

In the Norwegian State Department magazine, UD-posten nr 4 – 2010, Einar Tallaksen writes a review of the book “Norske pionerer i sju verdensdeler. Norwegian Pioneers” and calls it a “thorough work.”

Minister of the Environment and International Development Erik Solheim has launched a project named “Religion and Development” with the goal of “learning more about the role of religion in Norway’s cooperation with poor countries.”  With this in mind, Tallaksen concludes that parts of this book should be considered as “obligatory reading.” (Translated from Norwegian)

“Another success”

“Torbjørn Greipsland scores another success that reveres the Norwegian pioneer spirit”.

-Leslee Lane Hoyum in Norwegian American Weekly

“Fascinating  Study”

”Fascinating study” writes Jeff Sauve,  NAHA archivist, in the bulletin published by Norwegian American Historical Association, volume 139.

The bulletin reprints a couple of pages from the article “Heard the Gospel in the Death Camp at Andersonville”, and article  the archivist considers particularly interesting with the coming 150th anniversary of the commencement of the Civil War in April 2011.

“Very impressed,  fascinating stories”

Former president Telelaget in USA, Elaine Nordlie: ”very interesting reading! I am very impressed with the book….I am learning so much and enjoying the fascinating stories. Most of the information is all new for me.”

“Really worth reading”

Yngve Kvistad in a two-page review in VG on “Aloha from Forgotten Norwegians in Hawaii.”