Sonja – Queen of the Waves (Book Excerpt)

Sonja Evensen - Queen of the Waves
Sonja Evensen - Queen of the Waves

She fell in love with beautiful Hawaii, became a champion windsurfer, and now works full time to help disadvantaged young people get a better start in life.

This girl—full of energy and initiative—is Sonja Evensen. She has lived in Hawaii since 1980, but regularly travels to visit family and friends in Norway.

Here she tells how she ended up in Hawaii:

“I came here on a vacation trip in 1978, and, in an instant, as I rounded the top of the mountain on Pali Highway and saw these fantastic, steep volcanic mountains—so abundant and green—with the view below me out to the turquoise sea, I was struck by the thought that this is where I want to live!”

She had one year left to finish her degree, so she put up posters of Hawaii on her walls and her dreams never left her.

“I did not know it, but at the age of 24, no one could tell me that I could not do anything I wanted to do. I felt like Superman and never thought of what could go wrong, only about the exciting challenge that lay ahead.”

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