The Descendants of Hans Peter Faye Operate a Beautiful Vacation Resort on Kauai

The family that now owns and operates Waimea Plantation Cottages, a vacation resort on Kauai, are the descendants of Hans Peter Faye.

Hans Peter, brother of Caroline L’Orange, came to Hawaii in 1880. He first worked on Christian L’Orange’s Lilikoi Plantation on Maui where he quickly became foreman. However, after his 18-year-old brother, Christian Faye, drowned there in 1881, he moved to Kauai. He planted sugar cane for Gay and Robinson for a couple of years. Then he sub-leased 200 acres from his uncle Valdemar Knudsen and began to grow sugar cane at Mana.

In 1898 he became the manager for the large Kekaha Sugar Plantation and in 1905 began buying stock in the Waimea Sugar Mill Company. Eventually he obtained all of the stock. It is in this area that his descendants have developed the vacation resort, Waimea Plantation Cottages.

Marc Fayé (Eyvind Marcus Fayé, Jr. is his full name) is the grandson of Hans Peter. He owns a ranch in California and lives there. Marc says that his grandfather wanted to learn the Hawaiian language because his employees were Hawaiian.

”He died five years before I was born, but I have been told that he spoke Hawaiian quite well. I am pretty certain that he must have learned Hawaiian directly from the natives rather than from the English speaking community. We know that at least two of his life-long closest friends were native Hawaiians.

Lived in Norway

Hans Peter married Margaret Bonnar Lindsay in 1893. They had eight children.
He moved his entire family and servants back to Norway twice. The first time was not long after the turn of the century, when they stayed in Norway for nearly two years. It was almost like a long holiday, with Hans Peter commuting to Hawaii to look after business.

In 1910, the family returned to Christiania. Their eighth child was born during this stay in Norway.

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