They teach students to help others

He used to stutter so badly that his wife had to answer the phone. Now he is the administrative manager for a singer and talks on the phone to people all over the world.

Ivar and Ann Elisabeth Skjekkeland are both from Lyngdal in Vest-Agder. They are quite typical “southern Norwegian” in their appearance and behavior, but their lives have been quite different from that of other Norwegian southerners. They live in an apartment in the Kailua-Kona tourist area on the west coast of the island of Hawaii—with a view of the Pacific Ocean.

They have known each other since they were teenagers. After getting married they moved to Kristiansand where Ann Elisabeth went to teacher’s college and Ivar began his apprenticeship at the electric company. Later she became a teacher in Kristiansand and Songdalen, while his job was to install high-voltage power lines.

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