Worked on the Docks

Worked on the Docks

Christian and Else were among those who did not have to work on the plantations. At first, Christian worked in a store in Haiku, and Else worked as a housekeeper for the Dickey family who owned the store.

Christian and Else had four children, Christopher Dickey, Ragnvald Theodore, Mary and Edith.

Ragnvald Theodore married Martha Olsen. Her mother was Regina, the daughter of Anna and Jonas Gulbrandsen (see separate article), and her father was Charles Emil Olsen. This is William Trimingham’s connection with the Gulbrandsen family, as Martha was his aunt.

Ragnvald and Martha’s oldest child, Regina (named after her grandmother), was quite a famous tennis player and won several tournaments. She married Lieutenant Sidney Rae Hinds in 1928. He was a general during World War II and was highly decorated after the invasion of Normandy.

He is best known, however, as one of two people in the world who have won all three of the world’s most prestigious shooting competitions giving him the Triple Distinguished Shooting Badge.

Regina lived until 1999 when she was 90 years old. “She was a very friendly lady, quite a good example of the warm Hawaiian Aloha sparkle,” says Bill.

Regina and Sidney’s son, Sidney, jr., participated in exciting missions in the American military forces. It is said that the CIA sent him to hunt down Che Guevarra.

Ragnvald and Martha’s second child, Ted, was also an accomplished sportsman. He was one of the first sportsmen to be inducted into the “Punahou Hall of Fame.”

Newspapers called Ted “Hawaii’s one-man-track-team of 1931”, “the Blond Terrific”, and “the human dynamo from Punahou Academy”. In USA’s Northwest Regional Championships he won four gold medals in running events. He also did well in javelin and discus events. His trainer nominated him for the decathlon team in the 1936 Olympics, but for some unknown reason he did not participate.

He also played American football and the famous coach Babe Hollingberry said once that Ted could be the greatest athlete of all time if he trained hard enough. It is possible that Ted would rather “play the game” than train hard.