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His father was killed the day he was born!

That is how life began for the boy named Scott. His last name is Stone—after his father—but at one time the name was Steen or Stein, Scott says, because his father was of Norwegian ancestry.

However, that is about all Scott knows about his father. After Mr. Stone came to see his son on the day he was born, he left to go visit someone and was apparently murdered.

With so little information about his father, it is no easy task for Scott to track down his Norwegian family, but he hopes that he will one day find them.

Scott was raised by his maternal grandfather who was a full-blood Cherokee Indian. He was a hunter and fisherman.

“I had the best childhood,” says Scott. He spoke only Cherokee until he was 6 or 7 years of age.

His childhood home was a log cabin in Polk County, Tennessee, not far from the border of North Carolina and Georgia. Here was a thriving democratic society without class distinctions. People were poor, but they did not know it. Scandinavians, Irishmen, and Scotsmen had settled there.

Scott’s father was Norwegian, Scottish, and Cherokee-Shawnee. His mother was Scottish and Cherokee.

As mentioned, Scott knows that his father’s family came from Norway, but he also has Norwegian blood through the Scottish branch.

“My Scots clan is Clan Donald, which had its beginnings when a half-Gaelic, half-Norwegian married Princess Ragnhilda, a pure Norwegian, daughter of the King of Man. Their offspring founded the clan of which I am a member. I am very proud of my Norwegian heritage,” says Scott.


As a teenager, Scott fought in the Korean War, and later in Vietnam. He was decorated by the United Nations, and the governments of USA, Korea, and Vietnam before he retired from the Naval Reserve in 1992 as Navy Commander.

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